In Defence of the ToDo List

Posted on Sat 19 March 2022 in general • Tagged with handbook, productivity, study

I was overwhelmed. I’d made a kanban board with fifty cards, each beautifully color-coded and allocated story points. I’d organised my calendar beautifully, mapping out the free time to write code every day that week. I’d constructed a burn-down chart and factored in my doctors’ appointment, sleep …

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Laziness Does Not Exist: 3 Questions to be More Productive

Posted on Sun 13 March 2022 in general • Tagged with handbook, productivity, study

This is part of a series of short articles on rational tools to help you be more productive while still practicing self-care. To jump to the summary, click here.

Do you procrastinate? How much? Do you feel like you could achieve more if you procrastinated less? Wouldn’t it be …

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How to Study Chinese Characters With Anki

Posted on Wed 26 May 2021 in general • Tagged with anki, chinese, productivity, software, study

Or: 8 Tips To Not Burn Out

If you're not familiar with it, Anki is a flashcard app which can help you memorise any kind of information. It's a great tool for situations where you need to focus on remembering details, facts, or pieces of information. A lot of language …

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