My Projects

This is a collection of notable projects that I've worked on. Some are freelancing, some are personal. I didn't do much freelance or project-based work between 2020 and 2023 because I moved to the other side of the world and became a teacher.

Most of my freelancing has been in audiovisual (AV) projects (including with novel / emerging technologies), and business automations.

Business Automations, 2024

Automations for business purposes, some freelance and some for my own use.

Tech used: Python, AV libraries, data science

Zenkat, 2023 - Present

Tool for Markdown zettelkastens, focused on extracting and presenting information from a corpus of text files.

Tech used: Python, parser theory, numerous text manipulation libraries

Seeing-I, 2017-2020

I was the main engineer working on a novel 360 film camera system for an art project. The main requirement was that the system had to successfully run for 24 hours or more without interruption.

I wrote code to communicate with the camera system and automate video processing. I also researched numerous optimisation methods to solve issues with the system like overheating, frame drops, and networking issues.

Finally, I worked on aspects of the hardware design of the camera, such as the positioning of camera lenses, battery pack positioning, and bags and accessories used to disperse heat and keep the system running under a variety of conditions.

Tech used: Python, camera libraries, ffmpeg, 360 film stitching (Kolor Autopano)

Harr-e, 2019

I developed an expert system chatbot as part of a broader project on mens' mental health. Project received extensive media and PR exposure in the UK and helped thousands of men with questions around mental health, including connecting them to social resources as needed.

Tech used: Node.js, Dialogflow, Vue.js

AR Work, 2017

In the early days of augmented reality's most recent wave of adoption, I built out a demo for presenting architectural models in situ to clients.

Tech used: ARKit, Unity3D